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Argh, I haven't updated this in ages.

I am enigel, and this was supposed to be my site for all things fannish. My fandoms are many, but those you can find represented here through some form of art or another are Stargate SG-1, Good Omens, Pirates of the Caribbean, Highlander and Lord of the Rings. The art is only visual, and will probably stay that way - before I got my lazy self on the task of formatting my fanfic for website posting along came the Archive of Our Own and I've just posted it there - it's shiny! Go see for yourself!

My fanfic on AoOO.

A word of warning: this is a highly slash-friendly site. If you don't share this taste, you're still welcome to visit, and it's not all slash, all the time, but I'm expecting you to be comfortable with the idea.

The characters in the shows, movies and books belong to their respective creators; I make no money out of this and I mean no harm; I do own the copyright for anything you don't recognise from the original media, as little as that might be.