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Wallpapers and banners

Stargate SG-1

Thumbnails to be added soon. (I wrote this in January.)

For the Jack/Daniel Scrapbook Project

Alien Tabloids (3x07 - Deadman Switch)
Boys will be boys (5x01 - Enemies)
Communication (2x16 - The Fifth Race)
We've Been Through Hell Together (3x12 - Jolinar's Memories)
Weather (2x14 - Touchstone)
Paralleled (1x19 - There But For the Grace of God)
Wormholes (3x19 - New Ground)
Interfaced (8x02 - New Order)
Divided (8x16 - Reckoning part 1)
Welcome to the Jungle (8x13 - It's Good To Be King)
What They Really Said (9x03 - Origin)
Holiday (2x?? - Holiday)
The Great Pretender (6x?? - Revelations)

Other Wallpaper Sized Objects

Pink (3x19 - New Ground)

Friends-only Banners

Sam Friends Only | Daniel in the padded room

Other Uncategorised and Sometimes Uncategorisable Thingies

W is for Wonder (for the A-Z Jack/Daniel project) | 800 px version

Pirates of the Caribbean

Norrington for President 2004 (campaign banner ;-)

Lord of the Rings

Haldir Friends Only banner